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7 Exhibitor/Event Staff Sins (Part 1)

Posted by poorrichardspromos on November 25, 2008

At any event, the exhibiting company expects to showcase its best – products, services and staff. But what happens when the exhibit was great, the products and services super – and the response as not up to expectations?

One possible reason could be that Management was haphazard in selection of its staff – the subtle and not-so-subtle behaviors of its most visible representatives were not up to par.

Choosing your Event/Exhibit staff should be one of the critical decisions you face. In the midst of preparing your marketing plan and “sales pitch”, buying retainable promotional giveaways, and effectively setting up your exhibit, the decision of WHO to send could be a make it or break it decision.

Keep any eye out for these ‘7 Event Staff Sins.’ I’m sure one or more may be all too familiar to you!

Event Staff Sin #1 – PRIDE

PRIDE is excessive belief in your own abilities – also known as vanity.

AT A SHOW – Your staffer is a peacock, strutting around. They are the know-it-all, the one who interrupts conversations, talks over the demo and gives unsolicited opinions. They talk twice as much as they listen because they like the limelight.

Event Staff Sin #2 – ENVY

ENVY is your desire for others’ traits, status, abilities, or situation.

AT A SHOW – Your staffer is the gossip-monger, the one who makes snippy comments, drops pseudo-truths about competitors and passes along company secrets. They think that by denigrating others, they raise your own stake and others will choose you over your implied competitors. Remember, bad mouthing competitors or attendees only makes you and YOUR company look bad.

Event Staff Sin #3 – Gluttony

GLUTTONY is your inordinate desire to consume more than you require.

AT A SHOW – Your staffer is the addict, maybe not in the literal sense – but regardless of their vice, they push it too
far.  They may slough off show duties or more commonly show up with a hangover, glassy eyes or a thick tongue.  Sure these events are there to network as well as showcase your products or services, but are your staffers going too far and losing the professionalism you would expect from them in representing your company?

Keep an eye out for "Part 2" and the other 4 Exhibitor Staff Sins!

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Get Rid of Trade Show Booth Barricades

Posted by poorrichardspromos on November 19, 2008

Here’s a couple quick tidbits that will help at your next Trade Show.

Avoid using tables as barricades.

This is simple…Leave the center of the exhibit open and it will increase your traffic 25%. Make sure you place your tables off to the side and always have an open entry.

Here’s another quick tip that’s important to pass on to anyone else involved in the sales process…

Avoid radar vision

The first thing reps usually do is look immediately at the visitors badge to determine who the person is and whether the person is worth speaking to. The problem? No eye contact!

Here’s what to do to avoid looking impersonal. Make eye contact first, introduce yourself, and then look at the persons badge.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

Now go make it happen!

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7 Things To Remember To Have a Successful Trade Show

Posted by poorrichardspromos on November 12, 2008

7 Things to Remember to Have a Successful Trade Show

To summarize the key points of the "7 Deadly Mistakes Trade Show Exhibitors Make When Purchasing Promotional Products for Trade Shows let me quickly recap some of the highlights. These “Rules” should burn in your mind the next time you think about purchasing trade show items for your next show.

Poor Richards Rule #1: Retention, Retention, Retention. Remember, do not EVER buy any product that will not be retained and re-used. Keep in mind, you can’t expect 100% results – but when someone calls you 3 years later and they are still drinking out of your stainless travel mug… You will know you did something right.

Poor Richards Rule #2: Quality, Quality, Quality. Would you want your company represented with cheap items? (I am not talking price cheap, I am talking about products and are perceived to be low quality and that do not last.) I didn’t think so!

Poor Richards Rule #3: Objective, Objective, Objective. Any promotional product you buy MUST be tied into an objective. Wise buyers do not buy “give-aways.” They buy tools to increase traffic, manage booth time, qualify, disqualify, build loyalty, retain customers, and convert post show sales. The point of buying any promotional item must be to increase the results of your specific objective.

Poor Richards Rule #4: Be wise if it’s last minute. The turnaround time should not cause you to double your expense. Focus on the objective first and then the best product to fit your time horizon. “Wise Buyers” buy early. Ben Franklin wrote “He who riseth late must trot all day and shall scarce overtake his business by night.” Order early or adjust.

Poor Richards Rule #5: Execute, Execute, Execute. There have been many great plans left on the drawing board due to poor execution. Make sure everyone involved in the show not only understands the goals and objectives – but they commit to following them through.

Poor Richards Rule #6: Finish, Finish, Finish. Believe it or not, the post show is where the money is made. Hold people accountable and find a way to measure results.

Poor Richards Rule #7: Educate, Educate, Educate. There’s a saying, “Ignorance is the mother of failure.” We must strive to consistently keep up with the latest information available. Trade shows are a science. And it really is easy to tap into other people’s experience. Time
to put your ego aside and learn from other’s mistakes so you don’t repeat them. Remember, just because you saw someone doing it at the show doesn’t mean it worked.

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