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Fail To Plan And You’ll Plan To Fail: Post-Show Follow Up

Posted by poorrichardspromos on June 20, 2008

This entry is from Part #6 of the 7 Deadly Mistakes Exhibitors Make When Purchasing Promotional Products For Trade Shows – “No Follow Up”

Let me ask you this… Do you have a follow up plan ready for action even before you go to your show? You should!

Check this tid bit out – A study by Baylor University showed dimensional mailers with a promotional
product got a 57% better response rate
than an envelope with only a promotional item.

Ok, sounds great, but what is a “dimensional mailer?” Have you ever been sent a piece of “lumpy” mail with a promotional pen in it? That’s a dimensional mailer – it could also be tubes, boxes etc. Believe me – these mailers get opened! Human curiosity will keep it from the junk mail pile.

Dimensional mailers are a great way to get your samples and your literature looked at… put a promotional product in there to reinforce your trade show message!

Let me say this again…Do NOT put off your follow up until you get back. Have it ready to send before you go to the show. Come back, put the labels on it and send it. Think about it… You will be too busy after being out of the office for a few days to start from scratch and it is important to act while the
lead is hot.

Want to keep that ball spinning? Be sure to mail to your prospects periodically throughout the year.

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