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Never Buy Promotional Items Based On Price

Posted by poorrichardspromos on November 30, 2007

This entry is from Part #4 of the 7 Deadly Mistakes Exhibitors Make When Purchasing Promotional Products For Trade Shows – “Buying Promotional Items Based On Price”

We have all been there for dreaded budget cuts. However, the problem is when people “cheapen” their search when the budget is cut. Let me be more specific. If you’re looking to buy cheap promotional products under $1, you should be buying the highest quality item you can buy for a dollar. Do NOT buy the cheaper version of a better quality item.

Let me be more specific – if you buy a cheaper version of a $2 item for $1, it most likely will not stand up.

There is a Cheap Version of Everything

Don’t forget, every product made has a high end and a low end. When looking for promotional products to purchase for trade shows, you should be able to notice the difference. But the choice may not be as obvious as you think.

Truth is, you can’t take for granted that just because an item costs more than another that it is better quality – that it’s more durable – or that will last longer. For instance, have you ever had a promotional travel mug that leaks or a pen that does not write? It is possible to spend a bit more on an item and still get a piece of junk. The solution is this: Do NOT buy cheap in a product class.

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